Christoph Strobel is an expert on the history of Native Americans of the Merrimack River Valley and the northeastern United States. He is writing a book on “Native Americans in New England,” is co-author of “Daily Life of Native Americans from Post-Columbian through 19th Century America” and many other publications on the subject. 
As the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth, Strobel is available to speak about topics related to their lasting impact on Native Americans in New England. 
In addition, Strobel is an authority on the history of the recent immigrant communities in Lowell and the United States. He is the author of “Daily Life of the New Americans; Immigration Since 1965” and co-editor of “The Big Move: Immigrant Voices from a Mill City,” which features oral histories capturing immigrant and refugee experiences of people from around the world, many of which were committed to paper for the first time.
In his teaching and publishing he often pursues the history of the United States in a long term, comparative, transnational, and global perspective. Strobel is particularly interested in the history of the regions surrounding both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and how the connection between them reshaped those continents and the world, which is the topic of his book “The Global Atlantic.”
Strobel is a history professor at UMass Lowell. For more information, click here to visit his full faculty bio