William Moylan is an authority on sound recording technology and music theory. He is the founder and architect of UMass Lowell’s Sound Recording Technology (SRT) program, a nationally renowned training ground for TV, radio and recording studio experts in capturing sound.  
As a producer and engineer, Moylan has recorded many leading artists and ensembles in a broad cross section of music genres – from classical and jazz to pop and folk. His recordings have been released by major and independent record labels and have resulted in wide recognition, including several Grammy Award nominations.
He is also an expert on the recorded works of the Beatles and can discuss the importance of the technology that helps create popular music.   
Due in 2020, his book “Recording Analysis: How the Record Shapes the Song,” closely examines the impact of the sounds of the recording (especially timbral and spatial properties) on the creative voice of recorded song, and provides approaches for assessing those impacts.
Moylan’s book “Understanding and Crafting the Mix: the Art of Recording,” now in its third edition, has been adopted by many recording programs worldwide. The book is unique in its focus on the artistic and creative aspects of the recording process, its study of how the aspects of sound controlled by the recording process can shape music and the development of critical-listening skills for audio production and evaluation.
A professor of music, Moylan is also a UMass Lowell Distinguished University Professor, a distinction that is the highest accolade bestowed to a faculty member for outstanding teaching, research and service to the institution.
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