Kimberly Merriman is an expert on what motivates workers to perform, including how pay and other rewards – like incentives, recognition and feedback – affect employee behavior and management. Her expertise includes extensive research and understanding of the underlying psychological and cognitive processes associated with worker behavior. 

Merriman is also an authority on pay equity, including the social, economic and individual impact of the gender pay gap. Merriman’s expertise on the topic extends to the gender penalty women face – including being perceived as too aggressive or hard to work with – when they try to negotiate for pay the same way male counterparts do. 

In addition, Merriman can discuss her research on “gig work,” a growing sector of employment through which individuals are hired for a single project at a time, often through online platforms. While gig work is seen as offering potential for workers who experience bias based on gender, race and age, Merriman has found it is too poorly structured to support economic security for such individuals. 

A professor of management, her expertise also includes organizational and human resources behavior and leadership. 

Prior to becoming an educator, Merriman worked in the private sector as a consultant to large corporations, small businesses and government agencies.

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