Robert Giles is an expert in advancing the use of terahertz radiation – which lies between the microwave and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum – for a variety of applications from detecting cancer to security screening. 
Giles, an award-winning physics professor and researcher who serves as the director of the Biomedical Terahertz Technology Center, is an authority on how terahertz frequency source/receiver hardware can be configured for medical applications, spectral studies of materials and security screening.  
In addition, Giles is investigating the challenges still facing Haiti as it tries to rebuild after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation. Giles has been volunteering in Haiti for 15 years and in 2013, launched the UMass Lowell Haiti Development Center to engage faculty and students in research and education, as well as efforts to solve life-threatening issues in Haiti, such as the lack of clean water, through affordable and sustainable technologies.
Giles, who is the recipient of UMass Lowell’s highest honor for faculty, the Distinguished University Professor designation, is the chairman of the Department of Physics and Applied Physics and presents programs for youths in Haiti and locally that are designed to interest youths in science.