The Enriching Essential Learning Outcomes (E2LO) Initiative helps you build connections between the core outcomes that you achieve in the classroom and events and experiences that take place beyond the classroom.

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Diversity and Cultural Awareness - DCA

Be a thoughtful, aware citizen of the global community. 

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Information Literacy - IL

Find, evaluate and synthesize information effectively and persuasively. 

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Social Responsibility and Ethics - SRE

Shape the world to improve life in your community and beyond. 

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Written and Oral Communication - WOC

Express ideas to professional peers with Purpose and clarity. 

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Quantitative Literacy - QL

Be skilled in the many forms and varieties of numerical analysis. 

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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - CTPS

Evaluate ideas and evidence rationally to produce and implement solutions. 

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Applied and Integrative Learning - AIL

Synthesize knowledge and abilities in meaningful practice. 

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