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Project Examples

Motorcycle Ambulance Trailer Analysis

Course: 22.425 - Design Machine Elements
Semester: Fall 2006
Instructor: Chris Niezrecki
Partner: Village Empowerment Peru Project

Students analyzed the mechanical components for static and dynamic loading failure and fatigue failure. Each of the five Design of Machine Elements projects were different and conducted in collaboration with a partner organization listed above. The S-L projects were reported to have engaged students’ interests and enthusiasm. The S-L projects also provided student motivation for working on the assignments. The S-L projects also provided the professor with creative problems that needed solving, versus just a classroom exercise.

Learning objectives met by the S-L project were for students to:

  • Calculate the load and stress/strain in mechanical components
  • Create and evaluate designs of machine parts.
  • Justify the selection of machine elements and make recommendations
  • Model and analyze the design of machine elements.