The Mentoring Program provides students with an opportunity to interact with experienced engineers. Its goal is to help students better understand the practice of civil engineering in the “real world” to better prepare them for life after graduation. The Mentoring Program is also an opportunity for students to explore the various areas of specialization within the profession to help guide them in their career (and graduate school) considerations.

Who can participate in the Mentoring Program?

Any UMass Lowell student enrolled - or considering enrollment – in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Decide whether you want a “short term” mentoring relationship to explore a particular area of specialization (e.g., Geotechnical) and/or career pathway (e.g., consulting, government); or a “longer term” relationship with a specific Mentor.

Step 2 - Review the Mentor Profiles kept by the CEE Department to identify professionals with the desired background, expertise, and/or work experience.  Click here for a current list.

Step 3 - Make contact with a prospective Mentor (usually via email).


- your name
- your telephone number
- class (e.g., sophomore, junior)
- area(s) of interest
- mentoring objective(s) (including interest in short or longer term relationship)
- mentoring time frames (e.g., this/next semester)

The prospective Mentor will then contact the student to discuss the type of interaction requested. Where appropriate, a meeting will be scheduled by the prospective Mentor to further discuss and/or finalize a mentoring interaction plan.

Note: Because of the finite number of Mentors, each student will generally be limited to one mentoring relationship at any one time.

For more details read the complete Mentoring Program document.