There are numerous opportunities for CEE students to get involved in engineering-related groups and activities on campus.


The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers sponsors various events including:

  • Concrete Canoe Competition (annual)
  • Steel Bridge Competition (occasional)
  • ASCE Spring Picnic (annual)
  • Seminars, site visits

The ASCE student chapter annually competes in the Northeast Regional Concrete Canoe competition, sponsored by ASCE and Master Builders. Each canoe must be built within the current academic year and must float when entirely full of water. The competition consists of various components including design & fabrication, race results and oral & written presentations. Winning designs require innovation & teamwork. Regional winners proceed to Nationals.

Interested students can also compete in the Steel Bridge Competition.

Two African American male UMass Lowell students working in a Civil & Environmental Engineering lab or class.

Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon is the civil engineering honor society. It is a professional service restricted to top students in civil engineering. Members of Chi Epsilon provide free tutoring to other students.

Student Council

The CEE Student Advisory Council consists of two or more students elected from each undergraduate year plus graduate students. The advisory council represents the views of the students and meets at least once per semester. They also interact directly with the CEE department head on all issues.

The College of Engineering E-Council is comprised of student representatives from each department. Students interact directly with the Dean of Engineering and assist at open house and other college activities. These students receive a fellowship through the Dean of Engineering.

Order of the Engineer Logo

Order of the Engineer

The Order of the Engineer originated in Canada as the Iron Ring Society after two spectacular failures of the Quebec City Bridge (1906,1917). It started in the US as the Order of the Engineer in 1971. The Order serves as a reminder of the engineer's duty to serve society, similar to the Hippocratic Oath in medicine. Wearing the engineer's ring symbolizes pride in being an engineer and a moral & ethical responsibility to society.

Other activities include:

  • Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society)
  • Order of the Engineer
  • Site visits to large projects such as the Big Dig
  • Hockey nights at the Tsongas Arena (free tickets!)
  • Pizza night with faculty and staff