Both industry and alumni agree: the UMass Lowell chemical engineering programs build the foundation for a bright future in chemical engineering. Testimonials from successful alumni demonstrate this.

Exceptional Qualities

There are many qualities that make the chemical engineering programs an exceptional academic experience. Emphasizing a solid undergraduate education as well as opportunities to pursue graduates studies, the Department of Chemical Engineering provides a high-quality and diversified curriculum that strikes a balance between theory and applications. Laboratory courses throughout the curriculum give students a hands-on experience in the utilization of the basic principles covered in the lecture courses. UMass Lowell professors are renowned in their fields and combine real-world experience with academic expertise. They also devote time to research projects that can involve students in meaningful ways and which reinforce concepts taught in class. Students can choose from among seven specializations and can become involved in the work of the many research centers and laboratories.

Small Classes

All professional-level courses are taught by professors and class sizes are kept small to ensure individual attention. Graduate students and teaching assistants are used only to help the professors for laboratory experiments and grading. Since there is a low student-to-faculty ratio, students can easily obtain assistance and guidance. Also, the department fosters a “family-type” atmosphere in which the students, faculty and staff get to know one another very well during the academic experience.

Work-Ready Graduates

Most of the department's recent graduates are finding employment in emerging areas of chemical engineering in the fields of biotechnology/bioprocessing, advanced engineering materials and alternative energy sources in many small and medium-sized companies in the region.