Connecting With the Community

Chemical engineering students have many opportunities to connect with the community while they are studying for their degree.

Graduates Take on the Workplace

An intrinsic part of the chemical engineering curriculum is the integration of engineering theory with industrial practices. Industry relationships are woven into the classroom setting at every opportunity and students assist in commercializing new technologies. Collaborations occur on research projects, consulting and internships for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Faculty members are involved in a variety of research facilities and laboratories, allowing students to play roles in these ventures. These initiatives produce graduates who are well-prepared for the job market.

Graduates Take on the World

Students also can apply their chemical engineering skills to community service projects in schools and in civic organizations. Faculty and staff are involved in outreach programs to area high schools and community colleges, providing an awareness of the engineering profession and the focus areas in the chemical engineering program at the University.

Many faculty members, students and alumni are actively involved in the numerous professional organizations available to chemical engineers.