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BuyWays Job Aids & Training

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For more information on UMass BuyWays, see the UMass BuyWays overview page.

Comprehensive Training

Our staff also offers introductory training once per month. These sessions will cover an overview of the UMass BuyWays system, roles, profile set-up and maintenance, shopping cart creation (catalog and non-catalog), shopping cart assignment, requisitioning, change orders, contracts, and approving.

You can register for BuyWays Training via email:

TuesdayMarch 3, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 155
TuesdayApril 7, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 158

Basic Aids

FunctionText Resource
Approver BasicsJob Aid (pdf)
Account Code to Commodity CrosswalkExcel (Searchable doc)
Document Search Quick Reference GuideJob Aid (pdf)
Homepage NavigationJob Aid (pdf)
Navigation 101 (Phoenix)
Receiver BasicsJob Aid (doc)
Requisitioner BasicsJob Aid (pdf)
Shoppers Getting StartedJob Aid (pdf)
Shoppers Quick Reference GuideJob Aid (doc)
Saving Searches Quick Reference GuideJob Aid (pdf)

Advanced Aids

FunctionText Resource
Acting On a Returned RequisitionJob Aid (doc)
Adding Items From a Punch-out SupplierJob Aid (doc)
Approver Acting On a RequisitionJob Aid (pdf)
Assigning Budget InformationJob Aid (doc)
Creating and Using Favorites
Creating a Shopping CartJob Aid (doc)
Document SearchJob Aid (pdf)
Entering Non Catalog Items
Removing a Punch-out ItemJob Aid (doc)
Requisitioner Acting On a RequisitionJob Aid (pdf)
Requisitioner Assigning Budget InformationJob Aid (pdf)
Shopping Non Catalog ItemsJob Aid (pdf)
Submitting a Cart
Updating Your Profile
BuyWays ApprovingManual (pdf)
BuyWays ProcurementManual (pdf)
BuyWays ReceivingManual (pdf)
BuyWays RequisitioningManual (pdf)
BuyWays ShoppingManual (pdf)
WB Mason Punchout Training GuideJob Aid (pdf)