Lab Coat Program

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is providing a laboratory coat program that is freely available for use for employees at the university. This program will provide additional protection for all laboratory employees (including TAs & RAs) who handle or come into contact with products that may potentially contaminate or soil their personal clothing while in their laboratory environment. The goal is to not only provide laboratory coats for safety purposes, but also to provide a professional laundering service to assure that no UMass Lowell lab coat is taken home and introduced into the household laundry. Once per week (every Tuesday) soiled laboratory coats will be picked up by the supplier and professionally laundered and returned to the university. The program is provided at no cost to the employee, department or researcher.

NOTE: Please email: if you no longer work at the lab or are leaving the university so your lab coats can be processed out.

How to Request a Lab Coat

  • If you are requesting a lab coat, please email: with your UMass Lowell ID number, and your preferred size for the lab coat.
  • Once your lab coat request has been processed by Hazardous Receiving, it will be hanging at the Lab Coat Kiosk at the hallway of Olney LG1C. We will send out an email when it is ready for pickup with instructions on how to receive it.
  • If you have any questions regarding the lab coat program, please email:

How to Launder Your Lab Coat & Returning a Temporary Coat

  • If you are trying to launder a lab coat, you can simply drop it off into the laundry basket at the lab coat kiosk after the following procedure:
    • Please email: with your UMass Lowell ID number, and the 12 digit number on the barcode tag at the back collar of the coat you are laundering (It will usually will be a 0000xxxxxxxx number) before you drop it off into the laundry basket. The purpose of this is to keep track of coats being laundered in our database so Hazardous Receiving can send out emails once it is ready for pickup.
  • Do not forget to drop off your temporary lab coat into the laundry basket when you are picking up your assigned lab coat.

Program Highlights

  • Hazardous Receiving and Lab Coat Management is available by email: or phone: 978-934-2543.
  • One lab coat will be provided to each employee (Including TAs & RAs).
  • Temporary coats will be provided at request while assigned coats are being laundered.
  • Laboratory coats will have an embroidered UMass Lowell Logo on the left upper side.
  • The designated lab coat kiosk is located at the Basement Level of Olney, in the hallway of Olney LG1C where lab coats will be distributed to employees and collected for laundering (Along with distribution after laundering).
  • The program will replace torn or damaged lab coats upon request.
  • Lab coat sizing is located at Olney LG3, the hazardous receiving stockroom. Email: for available times for sizing. (Feel free to swing by on your own time during working hours, however we may not be in the stockroom if out serving campus community.)