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Programs in the College of Education

The College of Education offers degree programs, which provide professional preparation for individuals who aspire to serve in the roles of teacher, curriculum specialist or director, school principal, higher education administrator and other positions of educational leadership.

Undergraduate Programs

Education Major - Bachelor of Arts in education-elementary and moderate disabilities

The Bachelor of Arts in Education requires 120 credits of course work and practicum experiences. The degree requires that students complete the course work for both licenses.

Education Minor

The Education Minor is designed for students who are considering a career as an elementary or middle/secondary classroom teacher, or for those students that have a general interest in education.

STEM Teaching Minor

UTeach prepares science and engineering undergraduate students to become middle school or high school teachers. Our mission is to attract a wide range of bright math, science and engineering students to the STEM Teaching Minor to give them the experience and mentoring needed to become confident, effective, and engaging educators.

Master's Degree Programs

Become a Teacher - Initial License

UMass Lowell's Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction combines education theory, teaching students in the diverse world of changing demographics and field experiences in local schools. You will have the content, confidence and skills necessary to be successful in the classroom.

Already a Teacher - Advanced Degrees & Certificates

Graduates from these degrees are able to advance their careers by taking on leadership roles as specialists or administrators in PK-12 schools. Learn more about Master of Education & Education Specialists Degrees from UMass Lowell.

Become a K-12 Administrator

The Master's of Education and Education Specialist degrees focused on administration and instructional leadership offer cutting edge, practically-based courses which provide future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed for roles as principals.

Career in Higher Education

UMass Lowell's Master of Education: Higher Education Option focuses on policy and practice in a variety of areas within Higher Education which support the academic and social experiences of students. Applicants to the program must be working in or interning at an institution of higher education.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Earn Your Ph.D. in Education

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Education pursue positions as faculty members in higher education or policy and research roles in the public or private sector. The degree is designed for the development of competencies in educational scholarship and research. Ph.D. Education candidates choose one of three options: leadership in education, literacy studies or research & evaluation in education.

Join Our Ed.d Degree Program

Our Ed.D. degrees offer professional educators the opportunity to complete a terminal degree. Graduates are able to pursue leadership roles in K-12 districts or in departments of education in higher education institutions. These programs emphasize the development of thoughtful and reflective scholar practitioners. Please note that this degree does not lead to licensure.