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Thol-boy by the river

Abstract Submissions & Proposals

2017 Southeast Asian American Studies Conference Photo by James Higgins Linda Uch

Call for Proposals

Deadline: March 1, 2017

The UMass Lowell Center for Asian American Studies invites paper or poster abstracts for the fifth triennial Southeast Asian American Studies conference, which will take place on July 27-29, 2017, at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. We invite scholars, artists, activists, organizers, and community members from all disciplines and sites (including Filipino/a American Studies, Vietnamese American Studies, Laotian American Studies, Hmong Studies, Cambodian American Studies, Thai American Studies, and diasporic Southeast Asian Studies).


  • Each session is limited to one and a half hours.
  • All submissions should be typed.
  • All submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio (maximum of 200 words) for each participant.
  • All notifications and announcements will be made by e-mail.
  • Please make sure each presenter’s contact information is included with your submission.

All inquiries should be emailed to: or

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any pdf files. It can be download for free from the Adobe website.

Thol-boy by the river

Presentation formats

Individual Submissions

All individual presentations -- in the form of a paper, poster, or performance -- are welcome. Individual submissions should include an abstract of 250-300 words and a brief bio of 200 words.

Examples of individual presentations include traditional academic papers; poster presentations on research, teaching, and/or community work; and creative performances (e.g. poetry, prose, digital media). All scholars, activists, students, community members, and others are welcome to share their work. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about a particular format.


Full panel proposals are welcome. The aim of panel proposals is to share knowledge through a series of linked presentations. Panels should include a chair and 3-4 presenters; a discussant is optional.

Panel proposals should include an abstract/description for each presentation on the panel (250 words max for each presenter)and a brief bio (200 words max) for each participant (include the chair and discussant).


The aim of workshops is to actively engage participants in learning new skills and activities. Examples include publishing, grant-writing, community organizing, voter registration drives, community-engaged entrepreneurship, dance, etc.

Workshop proposals should include a description of the workshop, including goals for the participants and the ways these goals will be met (500 words max). A brief bio (200 words max) for each presenter should be included.


The aim of roundtables is to facilitate discussion among presenters and audience members about a particular topic or issue. Roundtable discussions should include multiple viewpoints and diverse voices. The majority of the allotted time should be devoted to discussion involving audience members. Roundtables must include a minimum of four people for submission.

Roundtable proposals should include a description of the roundtable topic, a summary of each presenter's contribution (200 words max for each presenter), and a brief bio (250 words max) for each presenter.

Teaching Sessions

Any type of session focusing on teaching issues (curriculum, pedagogy, classroom issues, etc.) is encouraged and will be listed as such in the program. Teaching sessions should follow the format for individual or group presentations listed above; any inquiries about teaching sessions can be emailed to

Community Organization Presentation and/or Tables

In order to share the great work being done in Southeast Asian American communities across the country, community organizations are encouraged to propose workshops, individual presentations, panels, posters, or information tables. We particularly invite youth organizations and community organizations who provide services in health care, housing, immigration law, domestic violence, LGBTQ, and other issues.

Community organization proposals can follow any of the submission formats above. Any inquiries and proposals can be sent to

Creative Presentations

Live performances, literary readings, and other creative presentations are also welcomed. Proposals performances or readings should include a description of the work, note any performers and/or moderators, and indicate medium (dance, poetry, etc.); proposals should be 500 words max.

All creative presentations should be held within the 90-minute time slots scheduled for conference sessions (unless otherwise noted). You are welcome to include a moderator and/or commentator and organize a Q&A as long as you stay within the 90-minute time slot.


Please visit the Film Showcase page.

Please note that given our limited resources, we will generally not be able to provide special lighting or equipment. Most conference spaces, however, will be equipped with internet, LCD projectors, and screens. We are not able to provide funding for submitted films and performances.

Please feel free to send any inquiries to

The deadline for Proposals is Feb. 20, 2017.

Please submit proposals to


Please direct questions to or the conference co-chairs: Phitsamay Uy (, Ivy Ho (, and / or Sue J. Kim (