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Flying Orb Live Performances

Decade: A Flying Orb Retrospective + "Resident Alien" Film & Performance Art

On the night of Thursday, July 27 Flying Orb Productions will debut their latest work "Resident Alien" at the SEASS Conference.

In 1969, President Nixon and Henry Kissinger embarked on a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia and Laos. In the process of trying to drive out the Viet Cong, they killed thousands of civilians and ultimately destabilized Cambodia, opening the door for the Khmer Rouge take over. Many of Flying Orb's films and plays performed by Southeast Asian / Americans are about the residual effects of those secret bombing missions. Resident Alien, a new Flying Orb production, brings us full circle with Cambodian / Americans being uprooted from their families and deported back to Cambodia.

Please visit Flying Orb's website to learn more.