Ecology Option

The Ecology option offers students a strong foundation in the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as advanced courses in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Biology. Principles of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Climate Change: Science, Communication and Solutions are added to the core requirements in Biological Sciences. Students may choose from advanced courses in biology, including Botany, Invertebrate Zoology, Biology of Global Change, Wetlands Ecology, Limnology, and Genomics.

Electives are also available in several interdisciplinary fields, including Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Economics, Environmental Law, Geographic Information Systems, Hydrogeology, and Environmental Geochemistry.

This option provides students with the theoretical background and hands-on training needed for careers or graduate study in diverse fields such as environmental biotechnology, conservation biology, public health, toxicology, bioremediation, and biological assessment of environmental quality.

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