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Spring 2020 Grading Scheme

Spring 2020 Grading Scheme

Faculty Senate passed a spring 2020 grading scheme on March 25, 2020:

For Spring 2020, any grade of F will be converted to NC and not factored into the student’s GPA. Students may submit requests to change their grading scheme to Pass-No Credit option from the last day of classes, May 1, 2020 through May 15, 2020. Requests for change of grading scheme may only be made by the student. A new form will be created for this purpose, and will be made available by the start of the advising period. Restrictions on eligible course types and on the maximum number of courses taken in P/NC are suspended for Spring 2020. Pass-No Credit courses earn credits when the grade of P is assigned, but these credits are not qualitatively weighted and hence do not affect a student’s academic average. Requests for changes of grading scheme will be approved by the dean’s office of the student’s home college, regardless of which college offers the course in question.

Students may present a grade of P in a prerequisite course taken in Spring 2020 to satisfy the enrollment requirement for a postrequisite course that normally requires a specific minimum letter grade in the prerequisite.

Where a program’s professional accreditation requires students to be evaluated with a letter grade, no requests for P/NC grading schemes will be granted.

Changes of grading scheme are final.

Posted GradesIf Student Selects Pass/No Credit
Letter Grades Are Factored Into Your GPAGrade PointsEarned Credits*P/NC Grades Are Not Factored Into Your GPAGrade PointsEarned Credits
A4.003converts to:P0.003
A-3.703converts to:P0.003
B+3.303converts to:P0.003
B3.003converts to:P0.003
B-2.703converts to:P0.003
C+2.303converts to:P0.003
C2.003converts to:P0.003
C-1.703converts to:P0.003
D+1.303converts to:NC0.000
D1.003converts to:NC0.000
F0.000converts to:NC0.000
FX - Failed may not be replaced0.000does not convertFX0.000
*Based on a typical 3-credit course. Credits may vary from 1-12 credits depending on course type.