Minor in Biomedical Technology

The Francis College of Engineering, in cooperation with Kennedy College of Sciences and the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, offer a Biomedical Technology minor for undergraduate degree programs. This twenty (20) credit minor requires 14 credits of coursework in the following core subject areas:

  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Statistics
  • Biomedical Engineering

In addition, at least 6 credits of upper division courses are required as technical electives. Students completing the Biomedical Technology minor will be well prepared to pursue graduate studies in the distinctive Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology program.

Required Courses (14 credits)

Biology (choose one)

Physiology & Anatomy (choose one)

Statistics (choose one)

Biomedical Engineering

  • BMBT.4000 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology1
  • BMBT.5000 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology2

Elective Courses (at least 6 credits)

Two courses2/3 from a selected list which is approved by the College of Engineering, College of Sciences and College of Health Sciences. This can be chosen based on the specialization, or track.

Assistive Technology




Biophysics and Biotechnology





Medical Devices

Medical Imaging

Molecular Biotechnology

1Recommended courses but alternate courses may be substituted as appropriate.
2Note that undergraduate students may be limited in the number of graduate courses they are able to take.
3Note that all pre-requisites must be satisfied and that a student must present at least 9 credits of coursework that come from outside of all the student’s majors.

Additional courses may be added by each college to their list of elective courses.

For more information, contact program coordinator Bryan Buchholz.