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MPH Outcomes



The mission of the MPH Dietetics option in public health nutrition is to promote public health nutrition by preparing graduates to practice entry level dietetics with knowledge, competence and the ability to address the needs of diverse communities.


We prepare graduates to:  

  • Practice as successful Registered Dietitians uniquely trained to address the health and nutrition needs of diverse populations.
  • Act as critical members of the health care team.
  • Design and deliver nutrition and wellness focused preventive services in community settings.
  • Advocate for policy and programmatic initiatives.  Lead research in disease prevention and health promotion.
  • Coordinate and implement nutrition policies and programs.


The Epidemiology focus area of the MPH will prepare graduate to:

  • Conduct etiologic research for the wide array of different diseases:
  • Design and operate surveillance systems and other databases gathering data on health and illness, as well as on risk factors and health behaviors.
  • Participate as team members in the design and conduct of disease prevention and health promotion programs.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

PreparedThe Social & Behavioral Sciences program of the MPH program prepares graduates to:

  • Find, understand and apply relevant public health literature
  • Design and implement programs that improve public health by fostering change in individual behaviors, environmental conditions and social policy
  • Evaluate public health programs through data collection and analysis
  • Engage individuals and communities in discussion and decision making to clarify shared public health goals

Healthcare Management

PreparedGraduates of the Healthcare Management Option in MPH program will be prepared to:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate public health initiatives
  • Assume "hands" management of public health programs and organizations.
  • Provide leadership as a thoughtful, analytical and ethical manager within the public health community.
  • Support increased efficiency, effectiveness and accountability within the public health workplace.


The goals of the MPH Nutrition option are to prepare health and nutrition professionals to:

  • Identify and prevent risks that contribute to the development of malnutrition;
  • Develop strategies and policies to improve food security an reduce obesity;
  • Develop programs to improve the nutritional status of diverse population groups;
  • Develop effective strategies for advocating for improved nutrition;
  • Develop and manage wellness programs to promote healthy eating and chronic disease prevention;
  • Apply population-based research findings to the development and implementation of nutrition policies and programs in the United State and internationally.