Sample Degree Pathway for Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction - Mathematics

This program is no longer accepting applications effective Spring 2019.
The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics Education Option is a 30-credit degree program. The program is blended with some courses taught online and some on campus. This program does not lead to a teaching license in any state. 
Candidates must already hold a Massachusetts teaching license (initial or professional) and work in Massachusetts schools. Additionally, they must be working as a classroom teacher of record or they will be unable to complete course assignments, particularly the Action Research Capstone.
Required Courses
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 12
EDUC.6300 Educating Diverse Populations
EDUC.6350 Dynamics of Curricular Change 
EDUC.6370 History and Theory of Curriculum 3
EDUC.6380 Curriculum Design K-12 
Specialization (choose 5 courses)
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 15
MATH.5200 Mathematical Problem Solving 3
MATH.5000 Discrete Structures 3
MATH.5010 Real Analysis*
MATH.5130 Number Theory 3
MATH.5210 Abstract Algebra 3
MATH.5230 Linear Algebra 3
MATH.5270 Geometry 3
MATH.5350 History of Mathematics 3
MATH.550 Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH.5760 Statistical Programming using SAS** 3
Or other math department course, 5000 level or above with permission of advisor.
*May only be taken by a candidate with an undergraduate mathematics degree.
**Pre-requisite and undergraduate statistics course
Capstone Project
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 3
EDUC.6501 Capstone Project: Advanced Programs 3