What is a Moloney Student Fellowship?

Students get paid to build their careers and serve their community through work off-campus in non-profits, community organizations, government agencies, start-ups and small businesses, and on-campus with faculty and departments.

The Goal

UMass Lowell aspires to provide every student an opportunity to apply the knowledge they are learning in the classroom to real-world situations so they can have successful careers and make an impact on the world.  Through co-ops, internships, research, projects and entrepreneurial & creative endeavors, River Hawks gain valuable experience to jump-start their careers upon graduation while earning money to offset the cost of their education.  When students have these experiences in the community or in projects designed to improve the lives of others, they begin a life-long journey of social impact.

The Need for Innovative Leadership

UMass Lowell recognizes that many of the experiences most relevant to our students’ goals may not be able to offer students a paycheck. Non-profits, community organizations, government agencies, start-ups, small businesses, on-campus departments and faculty often do not have the budgets to pay students for critical work. These are the very entities that have a tremendous impact on the lives and welfare of individuals and communities.

A college education and engaging in meaningful career connected experiences are essential for many UMass Lowell students to improve their lives and the lives of their families for generations to follow. Unfortunately, students are often not able to participate in these experiences because they cannot afford to sacrifice a paying job to take on meaningful, career connected, unpaid opportunities.

The Solution

Recognizing this disconnect between students’ financial needs and the valuable experiences available at smaller organizations, the university is funding the Moloney Student Fellowships for students to do this important work and gain valuable, paid career experience from critically important community partners and through meaningful projects on-campus.

This initiative increases paid career connected experiences in underserved fields through opportunities on campus and with organizations in Greater Lowell and beyond, resulting in both social impact on individuals, communities and the students themselves.

Program Benefits:

  • All students are eligible regardless of need or merit. 
  • Students can earn up to $5,000 per year ($2,500 per semester or summer), paid hourly.
  • Fellowships do not impact financial aid.
  • Opportunities can be employer identified or student identified.

Spring 2022 Pilot

UMass Lowell will launch the Moloney Student Fellowships as a pilot program during Spring Semester 2022.
  • 15 employers and students will participate
  • Duration of Pilot: Jan.-May 2022
  • Student compensation up to $2,250, hourly wage $15/hr