Unpacking Fragility: Webinar


"Unpacking Fragility: Examining the Student Experience" with colleagues from Seattle University: Schu Schumacher, Michelle Etchart, and Tony Tellez. With Ciera Simons as your moderator.

"Fragelizing" blends the ideas of fragility and agility in the student experience, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive yet dynamic educational environment. This concept advocates for institutions to recognize the diverse and unique needs of students while equipping them with the skills to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. This webinar is an excellent opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on enhancing the student experience through fragelization. Participants will benefit from the expertise of our distinguished panelists, engage in meaningful discussions, and acquire actionable strategies to implement within their institutions. Whether you're looking to support your students better, improve their well-being, or innovate your educational practices, this webinar provides valuable insights and practical solutions.

Hosted by NACA