Kayak Center Shuttle to Tyngsboro

The UML Kayak Center offers an upstream shuttle, where you can rent boats and we will shuttle your group upriver to the River Front Park in Tyngsboro (just above the Tyngsboro Bridge) where you can then enjoy a scenic and leisurely paddle downstream. This trip is about five miles, and generally takes about 2-3 hours of paddling, or longer, 4+ hours, if you choose to paddle upstream first. Registrations are available for single or tandem boats. Highlights include paddling under the Tyngsboro and Rourke Bridges, the narrows around Tyngs Island, and side trips under the railroad bridges and up Stony Brook to explore historic mill buildings. 

More info and register at our Shuttle Services website https://www.uml.edu/campusrecreation/programs/kayak-center/shuttle-services.aspx