Energy in Africa: Equity in a Just Transition

Access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa has improved tremendously over the last decade, with significant growth in access. However, while energy consumption has increased, it has not increased equitably. This talk will address the fundamentals of energy in Africa, identifying opportunities and discussing the impacts of shifting collective focus to energy security at the expense of equity. Dr. Agjei will discuss why energy equity has stalled around the world after a challenging four years, and the need for a faster and more inclusive transition to deliver a sustainable, secure, and fair energy future apart from the 'New Solution to Power Africa: Productive Use of Renewable Energy.' This talk will include a discussion with individuals with field-specific expertise and international experience that have much to contribute to this important subject.

Dr. Richard O. Agjei is an accomplished researcher and postdoctoral scholar. He has obtained professional training on Leadership and Management in Health and Epidemiology for Global Health from the University of Washington, USA. As a Global Health specialist & Epidemiologist in UEW's Department of Health Administration & Education, and a reviewer for multiple journal publications, Dr. Agjei brings an interdisciplinary lens to equitable, affordable energy, and climate solutions with his expertise and perspective in Public Health. Dr. Agjei has established multidisciplinary academic research and teaching partnerships across Finland, Germany, the UK, Africa, and here at UML. Dr. Agjei has served as Chairman of the funding committee of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation (CEMRI). He is currently coordinating two ERASMUS+ funded projects; the REVIVER project focuses on sustainable practices to enrich soil health, and the Green Gamings project focuses on using a gamification approach to help motivate people to tackle climate change. 

Join us on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in Southwick Hall room 240.