Telling Research Stories: Using Creative Nonfiction Tools in Academic Writing

Led by Prof. Maureen Stanton in the English Department, this is a workshop for faculty who wish to bring “creative nonfiction” writing tools and techniques into academic writing, and those who wish to write for audiences beyond academic publications. The goal is to bring dynamic and creative "story-telling” approaches to writing in various faculty disciplines in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. In the workshop, we’ll review strategies for translating academic research into narrative, using tools and techniques of creative nonfiction, including how to develop compelling portraits, scenes, and vignettes that memorably and powerfully illuminate the real-world effects of qualitative and quantitative research.

This workshop is geared towards faculty in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. Prior to the workshop, faculty will be asked to provide a one-page description of an academic writing project to which they intend to apply creative nonfiction techniques. Class size is limited to 13 participants.