E-Bites: Working with Industry Pertaining to Research

In this E-Bites session, we will take a deep dive into working and contracting with industry. Have you been contacted by an industry partner to conduct research? Are you interested in reaching out to a company, or participating in a research consortium such as one of the Manufacturing USA institutes?

Join us to learn about the ways in which the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) and Office of Research Administration (ORA) may support your efforts, including who to contact and when to begin conversations. We’ll discuss considerations and processes around the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) phase, proposal submission, receipt of funding agreement and it’s review, negotiation, and execution, including issues such as publication, IP and exchange of materials. We’ll highlight some common perspectives of both industry and the University, and explore the ways in which OTC and ORA find mutually agreeable contract terms to allow for relationship building and performance of important research work with industry.