Mechanical Engineering Acoustical and Vibration Consulting as a Career

Acoustical and vibration consulting is a growing field needing more candidates to fill job openings. Consultants provide advice to architects, engineers, and product designers to make their projects “sound good” as appropriate to the project goals and to keep vibration below appropriate limits. This presentation will provide an overview of the aspects of design that acoustics and vibration consultants examine, particularly geared towards building acoustics and vibration. We will also discuss concepts from physics and engineering classes that we use in our everyday practice.

Speakers: Ben Davenny and Ethan Brush

Ben Davenny is a Principal Consultant at ACENTECH with over 21 years of experience in project leadership and client management of architectural acoustical design and HVAC noise and vibration control for a wide range of healthcare, worship, commercial, and residential buildings. Ben applies the appropriate acoustical criteria and context to the diverse spaces that he manages from hospital bed towers and laboratories to K-12 schools and multi-family condominium developments.

Ethan Brush draws on his background in vibration data acquisition to bring a wide range of experience in structural dynamics. His expertise includes technical projects with dynamic testing and analysis for aerospace and defense applications, as well as studies at university research and commercial laboratories. At Acentech, Ethan focuses on mitigating vibration for sensitive building spaces, as well as real-time remote monitoring for construction-related noise and vibrations.