DifferenceMaker Workshop Series - Workshop 4: Delivering Your Rocket Pitch

Join the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge Workshop Series! These workshops will be interactive and will give you a better understanding of your project/idea problem, opportunity, solution, and resources. They will also assist you in building your team and increase your chance of winning the $50,000 Idea Challenge! Guest speakers and mentors will be present during each workshop and dinner will be served at each workshop.  

February 22: Workshop 1, Identifying Problems: This workshop will help you focus on better identifying the problem you wish to solve.
Registration: www.uml.edu/2023DMWorkshop1

February 27: Workshop 2, Assessing Opportunities and Value Propositions: This workshop will help you focus on your research by assessing the opportunities and values associated with your defined problem.

Registration: www.uml.edu/2023DMWorkshop2

March 1: Workshop 3, Developing Business Models and Solutions
This workshop will help you define the best solution to your proposed problem and help you piece together your business model. 

Registration: www.uml.edu/2023DMWorkshop3

March 16: Workshop 4, Delivering your Rocket Pitch: This workshop is geared towards semi-finalist teams and will help you prepare your rocket pitch presentation for the Preliminary Pitch-off.  

Registration: www.uml.edu/2023DMWorkshop4

Location for all workshops: Saab ETIC, Perry Atrium, North Campus
Time for all workshops: 5:30-7:30 p.m. (please feel free to stop by even if you must come late or leave early)

We look forward to seeing you!

Questions?: DifferenceMaker@uml.edu