Parking Pass Reimbursement for Bike Commuters Has Resumed for Fall 2021!

The goal of this S.E.E.D. Grant funded, $5000 pilot program is to incentivize people who currently buy a semester or annual commuter parking pass to try bicycle commuting by partially reimbursing parking pass cost, offering educational and social support and offer discounts at the bike shop for demonstrated bicycle commuting.

Bicycling is a healthy, low cost and environmentally responsible form of transportation and recreation. In order to offer a transformational education in a learning environment that is inclusive, responsible, and prepares students to adapt and succeed in contemporary cities of the world, UMass Lowell aims to provide the infrastructure and policies that accommodate and encourage cycling as a consistent means of transportation. This project adds to the sustainability of our campus providing additional opportunities for people to exercise on the way to class or work, lower transportation costs and reduce environmental pollution from automobiles.

How it Works

Participants must register for the program:

  • Fall 2021: Register between August 1 and September 30, 2021
  • Spring 2022: Register between December 15 and March 30, 2022

In order to qualify for reimbursements, participants are required to complete 24 round-trip, weekday commutes for an average of at least 2 weekday round trips per week for the duration of the semester by bicycle. (In future years the fall program will be launched sooner in the semester and require 30 round trip commutes) Participants must not access a parking lot with their ID on bike commute days. Bicycle commutes will be counted from September 1 to December 18, 2021 (Fall semester) and January 18 to May 14, 2022 (Spring semester).

Participants successfully completing their 24 semester round trip commutes and submitting the successful verification materials will be awarded a parking pass reimbursement of up to $125 for students and up to $75* for faculty and staff at the beginning of the next semester. *While staff parking fees are waived, staff will be awarded Bike Shop account credit instead of reimbursement checks.

Proof of commuting must be both:

  • Verified that the participants ID was not used to park on the days of bike commuting, and,
  • Verified that bike trip occurred via UMass Lowell Bicycle Strava or similar GPS ride tracking app records.

Since reimbursement funds are limited. The first 100 participants to register will be accepted. It is likely not all 100 will finish. In the event that they do, the $5000 S.E.E.D. grant amount will be split among all finishers at the same student $125 to faculty/staff $75 ratio. Wait-listed participants are encouraged to follow the other program steps in case they are able to be accepted at a later time.

Who is Eligible?

Non-Resident, UMass Lowell Students, Faculty and Staff who have purchased a parking pass for a total price of $175 or more.


  • Reimbursement up to $125 for Students, $75* for Faculty/Staff per semester. *While staff parking fees are waived staff will be awarded Bike Shop account credit instead of reimbursement checks.
  • Discounts - To encourage riding participants get 20% off on bikes, parts and accessories at the UMass Lowell Bike Shop for the duration of the program with proof of active participation (Confirmed registration, Valid ID and activity log). Discounts may not be be combined with other discounts for similar products.
  • Social - Get to know other cyclists on campus! Participants are able to encourage each other, plan commutes together and network via the Strava app. (Optional)
  • Rides - A regular series of group rides is free and open to all program participants.


  1. Step 1: Register Online for the Program
  2. Step 2: OPTIONAL Create a Strava account* and Join the club "UMass Lowell Bicycling"**

*Reports from other ride tracking applications are acceptable as well. You must provide proof that you are riding.

**Membership in this group is for social engagement and encouragement purposes.

Reimbursement Submission

Once you have completed 30 Round Trip Commutes you may submit your Reimbursement Form and Bicycle Commute GPS Evidence (Strava Training Log Public Link Preferred), by email to:

Download the It Pays to Ride Your Bike Reimbursement Form (pdf).

Deadline for submission:

  • Fall: December 31, 2021
  • Spring: May 20, 2022

Questions and Comments

Please email: and with questions or comments regarding this program.