Residence Life Policy Pertaining to Bicycles

Copied from Office of Residence Life Guidelines (pdf).

Sports and Activities:

Use of sports equipment including but not limited to bicycles, metal tipped darts, skate boards, and roller blades are prohibited in the residence halls. Physical activities including wrestling, martial arts demonstrations, and sports games are prohibited in the residence halls. Students and guests should don recreational equipment (i.e. roller blades) outside of, or in the foyer of their buildings. The use of water guns and water balloons is prohibited in the residence halls.

Bicycles and Motorcycles:

Bicycles may not be stored in public areas such as hallways or stairwells unless stored in a designated area. Bicycles may be stored in designated storage areas, as well as student bedrooms or suite living rooms within the residence hall or outside the building. Bicycles may not be hung on walls or ceilings. All motor vehicles (including motorcycles and motorized scooters) may only be parked in parking lots. Fuel and fuel storage tanks are not permitted in the residence hall for any reason. All motor vehicles must be registered. Bicycles need to be removed / taken home, at the end of the academic year; bicycles not removed will be considered abandoned and will be disposed. Refer to

UMass Lowell Bicycle Removal Policy and Procedure

Hazard Bicycles

Bicycles parked in ways that could be an emergency hazard or potential safety hazard will be subject to immediate removal and impoundment by campus police.

Junk Bicycles

Bicycles that are obviously inoperable or significantly rusted will be subject to immediate removal and impoundment by campus police.

Abandoned Bicycles

Bikes suspected of being abandoned will:

  • Be tagged as abandoned and left for the owner to recover for a period of 14 days.
  • Be searched in the bicycle registration database and owner notified if possible.
  • Have a small string or survey tape tied through the front wheel to determine if bicycle has been moved within the tagging period.
  • Be photographed and logged in the police log.

Impoundment of Bicycles

If bike has not been moved or retrieved after the 14 day tagging period:

  • Lock will be cut and bike impounded to storage in evidence. Locks will be kept with bicycles.
  • Bike will be searched in the bicycle registration database and owner notified if possible.
  • Bike will be listed on the police evidence and impoundment log.
  • Bike will be held in evidence for 90 Days.

Claim an Impounded Bicycle

Impounded bicycles may be claimed in person at the UMass Lowell Police station.

UMass Lowell Police Department
University Crossing
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite 170
Lowell, MA 01854

To claim a bicycle the owner must provide reasonable proof of ownership such as:

  • Photo of bike prior to the impoundment
  • Ability to unlock the lock
  • Registration
  • Serial number
  • Ownership documentation
  • Knowledge of unique identifiers
  • Make
  • Model
  • Location it was last parked

All bicycles being claimed must be registered before being released to owner.

Unclaimed Bicycles

Bicycles left unclaimed will be evaluated by the UMass Lowell Bike Shop and be either:

  • Refurbished and sold as used, or
  • Salvaged for usable parts and recycled.