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Check Out a Bike


UMass Lowell Students, Faculty and Staff

Check Out & Return

Once you are registered, you can go to any Bike check-out station and request a bike. The staff will give you a key and helmet and then you head to the racks. Simply match your key number with the appropriate bike number and you can unlock your bike. Be sure to lock your bike securely before returning the keys to any of the checkout stations by the close of operating hours.


Things to keep in mind when locking your bike:
  • The U-Lock should pass through the rear wheel, the frame and lock around the bike rack.
  • Never leave the key in the lock.
  • Check out this video from Kryptonite about how to lock your bike!

When you arrive at your destination, simply lock your bicycle to the designated UMass Lowell Freewheelers bike rack and bring your key into the check-out station.

Ride safely and have fun as you navigate between campuses using sustainable transportation!