What to do if you ...

Have Concerns of Exposure

  • If you have been vaccinated and boosted and have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you do not need to quarantine as long as you have no symptoms and your risk for infection is low. 
  • If you are not fully vaccinated and/or have not had your booster but are eligible for it, you must remain off campus for a minimum of FIVE days per CDC quarantine guidance.
  • If you have not been vaccinated and been exposed, please do not come to campus and contact your primary care provider.
  • See updated quarantine information. Visit the Centers for Disease Control for the latest guidance. 

Have Tested Positive

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please do not come to campus.
  • Residential students or those attending courses on campus: call the COVID line at 978-934-COV2 (2682) or email Student_SymptomReporting@uml.edu to talk to a healthcare professional.
  • Employees: contact your supervisor and the COVID-19 HR Response Team at COVID19HR@uml.edu or 978-934-3660. Please provide the date of your positive test result, as well as when you symptoms began. In addition, indicate if you were at work 48 hours prior to symptom start date or positive test date (whichever was first). If you were on campus during that time, provide the names of any employees with whom you would consider a close contact. Review quarantine and isolation information.

Are Experiencing Symptoms

  • If you are experiencing symptoms, please do not come to campus, even if you are fully vaccinated, until you speak to your primary care provider.
Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the latest information on recommendations. 

Surveillance Testing Results for Week Ending 5/14/2022

Population TestedTotal Number TestedPositive ResultsPositivity Rate
Residential Students30
Off-campus Students120
On Campus Vendor00
Non-UML Community0*
Prior Week Total13300%
Spring 20222,412662.84%
Fall 20213,234230.76%
2020-2021 Total164,4412700.42%
1Positive test results reflect our UMass Lowell (UML) campus community members only and does not reflect any results for non-UML community testing partners as they are external agencies who are not part of our UML community.

Surveillance testing is being conducted on students, faculty and staff who have been granted vaccination exemption. See below for more information on our campus testing program.

Other Reported COVID-19 Diagnoses as of 5/14/22

PopulationCases Reported
Residential students1
Off-Campus Students0
On Campus Vendor0
Non-UML Community0
Diagnosed Cases Reported Total26
Spring 2022 Total512
Fall 2021 Total235

Reported cases in this category are separate from surveillance testing being conducted on campus. A COVID-19 diagnosis is protected health information and the university can only release in aggregate information campus community members choose to share.

All positive surveillance results and diagnosed cases listed above are reviewed by the university’s COVID-19 Risk Response Team in a timely manner to ensure an appropriate campus risk assessment review and mitigation strategy deployment. Numbers are generally updated on Mondays for the previous week. Learn about the COVID Campus Risk Response

City of Lowell reporting information.

State of Massachusetts reporting information.

If you feel you need to be tested for COVID-19, please visit Stop the Spread for more information on where to find testing locations. Residents of New Hampshire can find information about free testing in their state on the New Hampshire Homeland Security & Emergency Management Resource Center website
Employees who have been unable to secure an antigen test following a close contact exposure to someone with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 may request a single test from the university, although supplies are limited. Antigen tests for vaccinated employees should be used on the fifth day after exposure to maximize the test’s accuracy.
To support the health of our community, students, faculty and staff should conduct a daily self-screening, to determine if it is appropriate for them to come to campus. Those who have test positive or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, living either on or off-campus, will be expected to report those symptoms as follows:
  • Students: If you live on campus or are commuting to campus, call the COVID line at 978-934-COV2 (2682) or email Student_SymptomReporting@uml.edu to talk to a health care professional. You should stay in your room or at home until you talk to the professional to discuss next steps to support your health and the health of our community. If you are taking your classes remotely, contact your primary care provider.
  • Employees: Contact your supervisor and the COVID-19 HR Response Team at COVID19HR@uml.edu or 978-934-3660. Please provide the date of your positive test result, as well as when you symptoms began. In addition, indicate if you were at work 48 hours prior to symptom start date or positive test date (whichever was first). If you were on campus during that time, provide the names of any employees with whom you would consider a close contact. Review quarantine and isolation information.

Quarantine & Isolation Plan


Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick and to limit the risk of transmission of disease to others. UMass Lowell will continue to follow the latest guidance in establishing our protocols based on Centers for Disease Control recommendations.

Post-Exposure Guidelines for Close Contacts Who Do Not Have Symptoms 

The latest quarantine guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is dependent on your vaccination status. Visit the CDC to determine if you need to quarantine

You can come on campus after an exposure if you feel well (are asymptomatic) and meet one of these conditions:

  • completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last six months;
  • completed the primary series of J&J vaccine within the last two months;
  • have been boosted with approved COVID-19 vaccine; or
  • been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 90 days.

If you start to develop symptoms, stay home and take a COVID test. If you take a PCR test, please stay home until you get your results. Per UML policy, please mask while on campus.

You must stay off campus for at least five days under the following circumstances:

  • It has been over six months since you completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and you are not boosted; 
  • It has been over two months since you had the single dose J&J and are not boosted; or
  • You have not been vaccinated or have not completed the primary vaccination series.

In that case you must stay home for five days following your last exposure to the infected person and monitor for symptoms.

If you are unable to limit contact with an infected person, you must stay off campus for 10 days.

If you remain without symptoms, test on day five if possible. If you develop symptoms get a test and continue to stay home.

Regardless of your vaccine status CDC guidance is that those exposed mask when around others for 10 days.


Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Students will be required to isolate if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are waiting for test results, have cough, fever, shortness of breath or other symptoms of COVID-19. Follow guidance from the Centers of Disease Control regarding length of isolation.

Residential Isolation Plan

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 omicron variant in Massachusetts and New England, UMass Lowell has updated its isolation protocols for residential students who tests positive.
COVID-19 test before returning to campus: If at all possible, please get a COVID-19 test (and wait for your results) prior to returning to the residence halls for the spring 2022 semester. Ideally, please get tested (rapid antigen tests or PCR tests if available) the day before or morning of your departure to campus and wait for the results before departing so that you can stay home and isolate there if your test is positive.
Isolate off campus if you test positive:  Once on campus, all students living in our residence halls who test positive for COVID-19 will be expected to isolate off campus. That could mean going home or to another location.  This is in an effort to keep our entire campus community safe. Please make a plan to isolate off campus if you test positive for COVID-19.  
Potential need to isolate on campus: We recognize that off-campus isolation will not be possible for some of our residential students. We have a very limited number of isolation rooms at our Inn & Conference Center (ICC) for residential students unable to isolate off campus or elsewhere. Please be aware that with this limited capacity, students may be required to share a room with other students who test positive for COVID-19.
Potential need to isolate in place: Should positive cases quickly escalate and exhaust our supply of isolation rooms at the ICC, our vaccination and booster requirements will allow students to isolate in their residence hall rooms (if they are unable to isolate off campus) while following CDC guidance.
Based on current conditions, we expect many students who test positive will be asymptomatic or exhibit only mild systems. The vaccines allow us to approach the upcoming surge more like a cold or flu season. We ask students to prepare for this possibility by bringing supplies (including over the counter medications) with them to enable self-isolation if necessary.
For more details about our isolation plan, please see below.
  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19 and needs to isolate on campus, we plan to do the following:
  • A student who is truly unable to return home could be moved to one of our isolation spaces at our Inn & Conference Center (ICC).  Please note, we have limited (30 double occupancy rooms) for isolation use.
  • Students isolating at the ICC may be assigned a roommate who has also tested positive for COVID-19 so we maximize the space we have.
  • With the current COVID-19 surge, we know we may need to isolate more than 60 students while the Omicron surge continues.  If that happens, students will need to isolate in place – in their current residence hall.  This could have an impact on roommates, suite mates and apartment-mates.  Again, if you test positive, the expectation is that you isolate off campus if at all possible.
  • If a student isolates in place on campus, they will need to wear a mask or face covering when around any roommates, suite mates, or apartment mates. Students may need to create plans within their living space in case sleeping arrangements need to be altered during this time – to allow for separation of students while sleeping without a mask or face covering. 
  • Per standard procedures, students living in suites and apartments will be responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms, common spaces and the like. Please plan accordingly and bring cleaning supplies per standard routines.
  • Students living in a traditional residence hall using community bathrooms should:
    • Always wear a mask or face covering while traveling from their room to the bathroom.  
    • Only remove mask or face covering while using showers, etc and continue to stay six or more feet apart from other students.
    • Bathroom cleaning schedules will be posted.
  • Students in isolation at the ICC will receive meals at the ICC. 
  • Students isolating in place will leave their room (with mask or face covering) to pick up their food from a central location. 
  • Students isolating in place should only leave their room to:
    • Use a community bathroom
    • Pick up food
Additional isolation information will be provided to the student from our Health Services and Residence Life teams.  

Be Prepared & Have a Go Bag

The contents of Abby Lipski's go bag Image by Abigail Lipski

As we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that at UML keeping our community healthy and safe is embedded in everything we do.

With that in mind we’ve developed protocols based on guidance from health officials and have plans in place for students who have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 to follow in order to isolate.

Making a Go Bag

To keep you and everyone in our community healthy and safe, as well as for your comfort, we want you to be ready should you test positive for COVID-19 while living on campus.

In an unpredictable time as we continue to live with a pandemic, taking charge of what you are able to control can be a very empowering. Creating a “Go Bag” is something completely in your control and is an important part of being prepared if you are instructed to isolate.

Right now, take about 15 minutes to get a “Go Bag” ready in the event that you need to leave your current room to isolate as time will be of the essence to minimize exposure to others should you need to move to another space. 

The suggested list (below) includes items that you may use on a regular basis - a good strategy might be for you to put all of the items nearby each other so you can gather them quickly.

As you put your Go Bag items together, please keep in mind that should you need to be in isolation, you will be off campus or in a different space for a period of five to 10 days, so having all of the important stuff in your life ready to go will make life easier for you during that time period.  

Here are some suggested items as you consider what to include in your Go Bag.

  • ALWAYS have your UML ID with you – ALWAYS
  • Personal hygiene items, including bath towels
  • Face coverings
  • Containers of the medications you take, including nonprescription (over the counter drugs) as well as prescription medication. Be sure to have enough for 14 days just in case you need to isolate longer due to feeling poorly.
  • A thermometer (part of the supplies we advised students to bring when moving back on campus)
  • Phone and charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • All your important documents, including insurance cards and, if an international student, your passport
  • Notepad, pen/pencil
  • Several changes of clothes/underclothes/pajamas
  • Towels
  • If you keep snacks in your room, put a supply of them in your Go Bag

Doing this now is important as you may have very little time to prepare if you need to be placed into isolation. Having all of this together will allow you to grab and go and have the items you’ll need while away from your residence hall and leave you able to continue with school and personal responsibilities.