Face coverings are optional for all campus locations, including the Tsongas Center and the Inn and Conference Center. 

UMass Lowell recognizes that some community members may need additional support against COVID-19. Toward this end, the university is committed to providing "reasonable accommodation(s)" to individuals with disabilities. If you wish to request a reasonable accommodation, faculty and staff can contact Equal Opportunity and Outreach at 978-934-3565. Students should contact Disability Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the face covering mandate lifted, may I still require face coverings in my office or classroom?

No. To ensure consistency, the mandate is being removed with the exception of campus transportation and the Wellness Center.

May I request that others wear a face covering in my classroom or during an event I am hosting? 

Bearing in mind that the campus is 98% vaccinated and cases of COVID-19 are down significantly, we encourage you not to place too many restrictions on campus activities. However, anyone may make reasonable requests, particularly of people sitting in close proximity (i.e. students in the front row of a class). 

If I ask someone to wear a face covering in my office and they won't comply, what are my options? 

Although this scenario is unlikely, you may suggest a virtual meeting or a meeting in an alternate location.