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Financial Adjustments for Student Parking Decal Holders

By Jon Victorine

On March 27 an announcement was made that the University would be providing financial adjustments to student parking decal holders. We are happy to inform you that we are now ready to begin collecting and processing requests for those adjustments.

Below is a list of questions we think will help you with this process, but if there is anything we did not cover, please contact us at

I no longer need parking, how do I apply for an adjustment?

If you no longer require parking on campus, we welcome you to complete a parking adjustment application which can be found online at before Monday, April 20 at noon. Once you complete this application, your decal will be expired in our parking system, and your access to parking lots will be disabled.

You do not need to submit a parking decal refund form, and you do not need to return your decal. However, you will want to remove your parking decal from your vehicle as it will no longer be valid.

I still need parking on campus, am I eligible for an adjustment?

If you still require parking on campus (e.g. living on campus; continuing to come to campus for critical research; living near the University) you will not be eligible for a parking adjustment and you will not want to complete this application to avoid losing access to parking.

How much money will my parking adjustment be?

The amount of your parking adjustment will be between $96.25 and $112.50 and is determined by the year you were admitted to the University; we use the same formula for how much you originally paid for parking. ICC residents receive a 50% discount for parking decals; as a result their corresponding adjustment will be reduced by 50%. The following is a list of adjustments by admit year:

  • Admitted after 2014-2015 academic year: $112.50
  • Admitted 2014-2015 academic year: $110.25
  • Admitted before 2014-2014 academic year: $96.25
  • ICC Residents: 50% of applicable rate adjustment

Individuals that had their decal’s cost waived (e.g. RA/TA collective bargaining unit or financial hardship waiver) will not be eligible for an adjustment.

How will I receive my adjustment?

If you purchased your decal by credit card, either online or in our office, every attempt will be made to credit your original credit card. There is typically a limitation that disallows us from crediting a card after 180 days, but we are working to overcome this challenge.

If you purchased your decal by cash or check, or if we are unable to credit your original credit card, you will receive a check in the mail at the address you provide us in the application.