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Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy is the Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions at UMass Lowell.
Susan Murphy Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions


I joined the staff at UMass Lowell in December 2019. One reason I chose UMass Lowell is the University’s dedication to transfer students. My previous 15 years of experience in college admissions was at smaller colleges, and I was nervous about how different it would be here. I quickly learned that the faculty and staff provide the type of warm, supportive, and inclusive environment that I value, and that so many students look for when choosing a college.

Whether you attended a four-year university or a community college; you started college right after high school or took some time off first; or you started then stopped out for any reason, what matters is that you are taking the next step to reaching your goals. As a part of the transfer admissions team at UML, I look forward to helping you in your journey.