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Southern N.H. Proximity

Reduced Tuition for Southern New Hampshire Residents


The Proximity Regional Rates Program offers a reduced tuition rate for matriculated undergraduate day students living in southern New Hampshire. Eligibility is extended to students whose permanent residence is closer to UMass Lowell than to their home-state institution offering the same program.

This program also applies to matriculated undergraduate day students whose hometown requires them to attend a regional high school, and this regional high school is closer to UMass Lowell than the home-state institution offering the same program. The reduction translates into a savings of more than $6,000 annually for undergraduates.

Matriculated undergraduate day students, who drop below 12 credits required for full-time status, will have a comparable percentage reduction in their cost per credit hour.

(Note: Tuition and fees are set each year. Please confirm the latest rates.)

This program was developed in response to the many highly-qualified southern New Hampshire students seeking a world-class university education close to home.

The Proximity Regional Rate program is based on a provision of the New England Board of Higher Education Regional Student Program (NERSP). The proximity program does not change in any way the provisions and costs of the NERSP.

Participating students are eligible for on-campus housing.

See which cities and towns qualify for Proximity Regional Rates.


UMass Lowell will offer NERSP tuition breaks to all New England residents enrolled in any full-time undergraduate degree program. Check the new guidelines to see if you qualify.