Policies, Rules and Regulations

All courses that are given for satisfying the General Education Course Distribution Requirement must be reviewed by the General Education Coordinating Committee.  Course sections must be limited to a maximum of 30 students. The General Education Coordinating Committee retains the responsibility to permit larger section sizes. 

A student can take a maximum of two courses from a single department in satisfying this requirement.

Courses that meet this requirement may also count toward a minor at the discretion of the department offering the minor. 

Interdisciplinary courses are identified as primarily belonging to one the following categories: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, or Science and Technology.

Students whose major falls into the categories of mathematics or science and technology or whose professional major is cognate with one of these areas are exempted from the specific requirement of that category.

To satisfy a General Education requirement, a transferred course must be equivalent to a UMass Lowell course that satisfies the specific requirement. Equivalency for any transferred course will be determined by the UMass Lowell department that offers the equivalent course.