HEALTH SCIENCES, Political Science, and More

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nursingIntercollegiate Health:
HSCI.1020 (30.102)(D) Introduction to Public Health
HSCI.3060 (30.306)Introduction to Gerontology
HSCI.3080 (30.308)(D) Global Health

legalstudiesLegal Studies:
LGST.2100 (41.210)(E) Restorative Justice (Also listed as PCST.2050
LGST.2620 (41.262)Introduction to Business Law
LGST.3600 (41.360)(D) Legal Issues in Racism
LGST.3710 (41.371)Law, Ethics, Cultural Heritage and the Visual Arts

criminaljusticeSchool of Criminology & Justice Studies:
CRIM.2210 (44.221)Criminology
CRIM.2480 (44.248)(E) Terrorism
CRIM.3600 (44.360)(D) Gender, Race, and Crime
CRIM.4770 (44.477)Intimate Partner Violence
CRIM.4780 (44.478)(E) Child Maltreatment

politicalsciencePolitical Science:
POLI.1010 (46.101)Introduction to American Politics
POLI.1100 (46.110)(D) Introduction to Politics
POLI.1120 (46.112)(D) Comparative Political Systems
POLI.1210 (46.121)(D) Introduction to International Relations
POLI.1750 (46.175)Introduction to Environmental Studies
POLI.2150 (46.215)(D) African Politics
POLI.2180 (46.218)(DE) Introduction to Politics and Sports
POLI.2310 (46.231)(E) Introduction to Political Thought
POLI.2350 (46.235)(D) Constitutional Law and Politics
POLI.2370 (46.237)(D) Civil Liberties Law and Politics

Peace-ConflictPeace and Conflict Studies:
PCST.2050 (PCS.205(E) Restorative Justice (Also listed as LGST.2100

PSYC.1010 (47.101) General Psychology
PSYC.2090 (47.209)(D) Social Psychology
PSYC.2320 (47.232)Psychology of Personality
PSYC.2550 (47.255)(D) Community Psychology
PSYC.2600 (47.260)Child and Adolescent Development
PSYC.2720 (47.272)Abnormal Psychology
PSYC.2760 (47.276)Theories of Learning
PSYC.3330 (47.333)Psychology of Consciousness
PSYC.3350 (47.335)(D) Psychology & Women
PSYC.3510 (47.351)Human Sexuality
PSYC.3550 (47.355)Sport and Exercise Psychology
PSYC.3600 (47.360)Adult Development and Aging
PSYC.3630 (47.363)(D, E) Introduction to Disability Studies
PSYC.3650 (47.365)(D) Psychology of Language

SOCI.1010 (48.101)(D, E) Introduction to Sociology  
SOCI.1020 (48.102)(D) Social Anthropology
SOCI.1100 (48.110)(D, E) Introduction to Social Values
SOCI.1150 (48.115)(D) Social Problems
SOCI.2100 (48.210)(D) Sociology of Food
SOCI.2150 (48.215)(D, E) Peacemaking Alternatives
SOCI.2130 (48.231)(D) Sociology of the Family
SOCI.2550 (48.255)Sociology of Deviance
SOCI.2700 (48.270)Self in Society
SOCI.3030 (48.303)(D, E) Sociology of American Education
SOCI.3170 (48.317)(D, E) Sociology of Genocide
SOCI.3300 (48.330)
(D) Fast Food, Hot Planet, Sociological Approaches
SOCI.3410 (48.341) (D) Social Stratification
SOCI.3700 (48.370)(D) Women in Society

ECON.1100 (49.110)The Future of Work in the Global Economy
ECON.2010. (49.201)Economics I
ECON.2020 (49.202)Macroeconomics
ECON.3020 (49.302)(D) Labor Economics
ECON.3250 (49.325)(D) U.S. Economic History
ECON.3450 (49.345)(E) Health Economics
ECON.4150 (49.415)(E) Introduction to Environmental Economics (previously listed as 49.315)

regionaleconomicRegional Economic and Social Development (some courses not currently offered): 
57.201 Regions of the Merrimack Valley
57.211(E) Sustainable Development (Now listed as PUBH.2110)
57.218(D) Regional Health and the Environment
57.220(E) Designing the Future World (Now listed as FAHS.2200)
57.225(D) African Politics (Now listed as POLI.2150)
57.420(D) Gender, Work, and Public Policy

environmentalEnvironmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (courses not currently offered):
88.101(D) World Regional Geography
88.102Geography of the US and Canada
88.104(E) Foundations of Conservation and Environmental Concern

interdisciplinaryInterdisciplinary Programs:
FAHS.2390 (59.239)(D, E) Introduction to Gender Studies
FAHS.3490 (59.349)(D, E) Literature, Politics and Genocide in Cambodia
FAHS.3560 (59.356)(D) Village Empowerment: Overcoming Global Poverty 
FAHS.3630 (59.363)(D, E) Introduction to Disability Studies
FAHS.3800 (59.380)(E) Challenges for Higher Ed
DGMD.1000 (JMS.100Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication
UTCH.2010 (UTL.201Knowing and Learning in Math and Science
WLSO.2400 (WLS.240Work, Labor, and Society