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Meet the Tutors

Professional Tutors

Headshot of Rachel Galda

Rachel Galda 
B.A. English

Rachel Galda is a recent graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell where she received her Bachelor’s in English. Adding on to her Associate’s in Education, she is now enrolled in her master’s Program in Education at Merrimack College. She plans to put her passion and education into a career of teaching English and Language Arts. Tutoring off and on since 2011, she first took a job with a private tutoring agency to tutor ESL students in preparation for the English, grammar, and writing portions of standardized testing. More recently, she has been with UML’s Writing Center in her last semester of college. She loves the challenges and self-expression that writing can provide and is excited to team up with you.

Headshot of Wayne Griffin

Wayne Griffin
M.A. Applied Linguistics, TESOL
OfficeO'Leary 322

Hi, I’m Wayne. I love to learn, and I have found that a good way to learn is through helping others express their ideas in writing. One thing I believe is that language is a tool for communication and not just a set of complex grammar rules. Another thing I believe is that writing improves our ability to think. I spent many years in Asia teaching writing and learning Chinese. In addition to being fluent in Chinese, I also have a working knowledge of Korean, Japanese, and Spanish, and so I enjoy helping multilingual individuals express their ideas clearly. I also find it fulfilling to work with graduate students on challenging tasks. Often, we need someone to discuss our ideas in order to clarify them to ourselves and others. I am grateful for all I can learn on such a wide variety of topics as I act as a sounding board for writers. I know that when I was writing my thesis, without an extra set of eyes my task would have been twice as difficult. I look forward to learning with you.

Student Tutors

Headshot of Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy

I'm Mark, a sophomore nursing major/English minor and this is my first year as a tutor at the Writing Center. I am most familiar with the APA and MLA formats of writing but am able to help with any other obstacles that may arise. When in a session I like to use both the writer's ideas and mine when needed. This is in order to emphasize the strengths of a given assignment and to boost writer's confidence in their abilities.
female silhouette of head and shoulders

Olivia Nazaire

Writing can be a challenging process, but having a second pair of eyes or someone to give you feedback can be very beneficial. For me, tutoring is a productive and collaborative way to work on outlines, grammar, or polishing a final draft. As a psychology major, I realize that we all learn differently, and I try to capitalize on each individual’s strengths while also working on areas of growth. I enjoy learning from others just as much as tutoring and believe the Writing Center is a valuable resource for the UML community.