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For Students

Make the most of your Writing Center visits:

  • Schedule a session as early in your writing process as possible. Ideally, sign up for a visit as soon as you receive the assignment from your professor.
  • In addition to any work you have already completed on your writing project (e.g., brainstorming, an outline, a rough draft), bring your assignment sheet and any class notes or other materials that may be relevant to the discussion you have with your tutor.
  • Come to your session prepared to talk about your goals and questions for the session. Tutoring sessions are meant to be collaborative and conversational; the input you provide can lead to a more productive meeting.
  • Take notes during the session so you can remember and apply the strategies that you discuss with your tutor.
  • Keep in mind that tutors will not simply correct or fix your papers. In fact, they are not permitted to do that work for you. They can help you develop stronger editing and revision techniques, and they can review grammar concepts with you, but The Writing Center does not provide editing services.
  • Note that students are permitted up to three sessions in The Writing Center per week, but no more than one session in a single day. Please keep those limits in mind as you plan your sessions.
  • Students are expected to abide by the Student Conduct Code which provides the behavioral expectations for all University of Massachusetts Lowell students.