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For Faculty

Before you send a student to The Writing Center for tutoring, consider making them aware of these guidelines for making the most of their Writing Center visits:

  • Advise students to schedule appointments as early in their writing process as possible. Ideally, they should sign up for visits as soon as they receive the assignment from you. We sometimes see students wait until the last minute to schedule a session, only to be told that their papers require large-scale, global revisions that they will now not have time to complete before their deadlines. Early - and sometimes multiple - appointments can help student writers avoid this outcome.
  • In addition to any work students have already completed on their writing projects (e.g., brainstorms, outlines, rough drafts), they should bring your assignment sheet and any class notes or other materials that may be relevant to the tutoring session.
  • Students should come to their sessions prepared to talk about specific goals and questions for the session. Tutoring sessions are meant to be collaborative and conversational, and the input students provide can lead to a more productive meeting. If you are sending a student to The Writing Center to address specific skills or needs, providing the student with some feedback on these matters will also help the discussion proceed more efficiently.
  • Students should bring note-taking materials to the session so that they can remember and apply the strategies discussed.
  • Please make sure your students are aware that Writing Center tutors will not simply correct or fix their papers. In fact, our tutors are not permitted to do that work for students. They can help students develop stronger editing and revision techniques, and they can review grammar concepts, but The Writing Center does not provide editing services.
  • Note that students are permitted to schedule up to three sessions in The Writing Center per week, but no more than one session in a single day. Writers should keep those limits in mind as they schedule their sessions throughout the writing process.
A UMass Lowell faculty member stands with a group of students at a Writing Center event

Work With Us

Please contact us to discuss ways The Writing Center can work with you to design events around particular classes, assignments, or projects. We’re happy to send representatives into your classes to discuss The Writing Center's services and resources.