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Web Content Management System (WCM) Policies

Each college, department and office is required to designate a web maintainer, who will be trained in the web content management system (WCM). This person will be responsible for updating content on the website using a workflow within the WCM. The workflow is simply a series of approval steps within the software.  

Faculty or staff members who are designated department maintainers can have students assist them. It is recommended that the student's supervisor is also trained. Training is provided on a regular basis. To set up training, contact

General Policies

  • Each web site will have university mailing address, phone number and email address in the footer. 
  • Verdana is the font used throughout the university pages.
  • Text options can be accessed using the style button in the toolbar. Styles not within the set parameters will be stripped out. 
  • Links to documents should be designated as such and should open new windows. Links to websites outside the university should open new windows. 
  • Reducing redundancy across the university’s pages is a goal of WCM – enabling information to be updated in one place. Web Services will determine where the information should “live” and encourage others to link to that page. For example, tuition and fee information is on The Solution Center page; Admissions and other departments can then link to that page.