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Faculty Digital Profiles

Full-time & Emeritus Faculty Bios

Full-time and emeritus faculty bios are generated using both the content from Tridion and profile information from Digital Profiles. A component must be created by the web team in Tridion in order for the bio to appear on the website.

The following information needs to be included in Tridion:

  • Name
  • Suffix
  • Title(s)
  • Department Affiliations
  • Phone (actually feeds from Digital Measures, UNLESS the field is empty there, in which case it will feed from Tridion)
  • Expertise  
  • Photo
  • Email - needs to be your email
    • This needs to match the one used in Digital Profiles in order for your bio to appear correctly on the website.
    • Note if you are using a preferred email address, you need to login using your official email address.

Login to Digital Profiles

Additional faculty bio information will be pulled from Digital Profiles profile for the individual bio pages. Changes to your profile can be made by logging into Digital Profiles. The database is refreshed nightly, so changes will publish the next day.

The Library has developed training materials for Digital Profiles that can be accessed online.

Administrators, staff, adjunct and emeritus faculty bios are in Tridion.

If a professional head shot is not available for a faculty/staff bio., then the standard blue silhouette will be used.

Photos on Bio Pages

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use head-shots on bio pages. You can send your professional photos (color only) via the web ticket system.

Faculty and staff head-shot files should be at least 800 pixels wide. Larger files will be accepted and then resized and optimized by the web team.

Professional head-shot photographs can be taken at Eastern Photography for a minimal charge billed to your department. Their Lowell location is at 5 Webber St., telephone: 978-937-0101.

If a professional head shot is not available, the standard blue silhouette will be used.