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Faculty Websites & Bios

Faculty Websites

Faculty members are encouraged to have websites for their course materials or research endeavors. These web pages reside on the Faculty Server, maintained by, 978-934-2942.

Additionally, the Library offers LibGuides as an alternative for faculty to build a research and course website. Contact Meg Shields, the Library's LibGuides Production Editor, to create the LibGuide, make you the Guide editor and arrange for support in creating and uploading content, as well as provide support.

Regardless of where faculty website are located, faculty should take care to maintain university brand identity. For example, the UMass Lowell logo should not be altered in any way.

More information on our visual identity.

Digital Measures

Full-time faculty bios are generated using both the content from Tridion and profile information from Digital Measures.

Administrators, staff, adjunct and emeritus faculty bios are in Tridion. See below for more information.

Adjunct/Emeritus Faculty and Staff Bios

To request your bio be created or edit your existing bio please submit a web ticket. Note: Full-time faculty bio information is pulled from Digital Measures, see above.

Below is the template for the adjunct faculty and staff bios that include all of the available fields. You do not have to fill out all of them in order to have a published bio. There are many bios that consist of as little as name, title, phone and email, however many have all or most of these fields filled out. You can also view your area's department etc. list to get a better idea what others have done in your area.

How to Submit AN ADJUnCT/EMERITUS Faculty or Staff Bio

  1. Please right click on this bio form template and save the link as a "Adobe Acrobat Document" to your computer or device.
  2. Next open it as a pdf and fill it out.
  3. Once you are done please save it as a new pdf and submit a web ticket with the pdf as an attachment to the ticket. A photo and CV can be submitted as well, however they need to be added as a reply after filing the initial ticket.
    Only one attachment can be uploaded when initially filling the ticket.

Photo specifications are listed below.

The fields available in the bio template consist of:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix (Ph.D. etc.)
  • Title
  • Department
  • Office
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Expertise/Activities (this is what feeds to the list view along with the name and department as well)
  • Educational Background (school, degrees – Ph.D. etc.)
  • Research Interests
  • Biosketch
  • Attachment (place for CV etc. in pdf format)
  • Website (faculty or otherwise)
  • Photo (if you don't send one a blue silhouette will be used - see below)


If a professional head shot is not available for a faculty/staff bio., then the standard blue silhouette will be used.

Standard Blue Silhouette

Photos on Bio Pages

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use headshots on bio pages. You can send your professional photos (color only) via the web ticketing system.

Faculty and staff head-shot files should be at least 800 pixels wide. Larger files will be accepted and then resized and optimized by the web team.

Professional headshot photographs can be taken at Eastern Photography for a minimal charge billed to your department. Their Lowell location is at 5 Webber Street, telephone: 978-937-0101.

If a professional head shot is not available, the standard blue silhouette will be used.