How come I finished my edits and they’re not live?

Because it is on Stage and needs to be approved and published to go live. 

How can I link from component A to an anchor in component B in the same page?

First make an anchor in component B let say you name it "test", save and close . Second open the component A and highlight the the part of the content to link to the anchor, click on Hyperlink button and select other (under Type) and type"#name of the anchor" in this case "#test"  and save and close.

How to merge two or more cells in tables

In Table Editor mode, while pressing Ctrl click on the cells to merge then click  Merge Cells  in the table top menu.

Why can't I log into Tridion Content management System?

Please make sure that you have account in Tridion CMS. If you have account already then please log into Tridion System using you UMass Lowell Email account. and your passowrd is same as email account password.

Why don't Anchors I made work properly?

Do not use a space in the name attribute or id of the of anchor/span you are bookmarking. For example, <a name="Jump Link"></a> should be <a name="jumplink"></a>