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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.

Timelines and FAQ for Immersive Scholars

(WE = Work Experience Students, IE = International Students, ALL for all students)

  • August
    • ALL: Letter sent home with program details and invitation to Welcome Event
  • September
    • ALL: Get settled at UMass Lowell :-)
  • October
    • ALL: Welcome Event
  • November
    • IE: International Experience Information Sessions
  • December
    • ALL: Selection between Work Experience and International Experience
  • January
    • ALL: Must select between WE or IE experience by January 31 or we assume you are not using your award
  • February
    • WE: Attend Work Experience training
  • March
    • WE: March 1: JobHawk open – apply for jobs
    • IE: Training Series
    • IE: Summer international experience deposits due
    • ALL: Resume Workshops
  • April
    • WE: Hire deadline for summer positions is April 15
    • WE: Job Readiness Training (IE student welcome to join but not required)
    • WE: Lab Training (require for any student working in a lab)
    • IE: Training Series
  • Please see sophomore tab for details after April.

WE = Work Experience Students, IE = International Students, ALL for all students

  • May & June
    • ALL: Summer Placements begin
  • July
    • ALL: Poster creation training for all summer placement students, this include international and community experiences
    • WE: Academic Year (AY) placement must secure jobs by July 30
    • April 7, 2019: Submit abstract, and then poster for Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium
  • August
    • ALL: Summer placement students must submit poster by August 31
    • WE: AY student should secure schedules with mentors to start work around September 1
  • September
    • WE: AY Placements begin
  • October
    • ALL: Welcome Event for next cohort and Poster Session for Summer Placements - all invited to join
  • November - February
    • ALL: Placements as per contract
  • March
    • ALL: Poster creation training for all AY placement students, this include international and community experiences
  • April
    • ALL: AY placed student submit abstracts and posters
  • May

What happens if I don't select between a Work Experience and an International Experience? Your award is forfeited if it is not used.

Can I use my $4000 award to pay my tuition? Students who are taking classes while they are working may opt for a 70/30 withdrawal program, in which 70% of their weekly pay will go toward their bill and the other 30% into their direct deposit (after the removal of standard taxes). Students working over the summer, and not taking classes are not able to take advantage of 70/30, nor are international experience students whos $4000 goes to paying the bill for the international experience.

Why are taxes removed from my $4000? Students who select the work experience are paid bi-weekly as an hourly employee. If a student works 300 hours, they will be paid $4000, however the total amount deposited in your bank account is less than $4000. Taxes and other state and federal required expense are removed first, much of which you determine when you complete your W-4 so an exact amount cannot be calculated by us. This is the same as for anyone employed in Massachusetts.

Do I have to do my I-9 in person? Do they have to be original documents? Yes this is Federal Law.

Do I have to complete a poster when I finish my experience? Yes all students, international experience, work experience for research, community and government, are all asked to complete a poster which will be presented in October if you completed your experience in the summer, or completed in April if you completed an academic year placement