Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

News & Events

Spring 2014

UMass Lowell EMS wins the HEARTsafe campus award at the 2014 National Collegiate Foundation (NCEMSF - www.ncemsf.org) conference held in Boston. This award has been given to just six college campus across the country. (NCEMSF - www.ncemsf.org/programs/heartsafe-campus)

Fall 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 UMass Lowell EMTs will set up tables on campus and visit residence halls and dining halls across campus to train students, faculty, and staff on hands only CPR. UMass Lowell EMS will be joining colleges and university across North America by celebrating National Collegiate CPR Day!

Spring 2013

UMass Lowell adds E-128 to the fleet! A NEW 2013 Ford Explorer - E-128 was chosen to symbolize the 28 year that Dr. Eberiel served as faculty adviser before retiring for the EMS program in Fall 2012. 

Fall 2012

UMass Lowell EMS received a Class V license from Massachusetts Department of Health. 

Spring 2009 

UMass Lowell EMS celebrates the completion of our 25th year of service. 

NCEMSF recognized this milestone anniversary at the 2009 Conference. 

Spring 2008

UMass Lowell EMS was recognized with the "Striving for Excellence" award by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF - www.ncemsf.org). This award is a three year recognition of the organization's dedication toward running a quality service for the community (2007-2010).

Fall 2007

UMass Lowell EMS has been recognized by the Greater Lowell community for our efforts in responding to a series of tragic events that occurred in the Fall 2006 academic semester. UMass Lowell EMS and Police were each given an award by Trinity Ambulance and Saints Medical Center. 

Spring 2007

UMass Lowell EMS has been named the 2006/2007  "Collegiate EMS Organization of the Year" by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF - www.ncemsf.org). UMass Lowell EMS was chosen from over 220 collegiate EMS programs in the United States as well as parts of Canada, at the 2007 conference. We are proud to serve the University of Massachusetts Lowell community and we want to thank everybody who made this possible.