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UCash Discontinuation

Discontinuance of UCash Program

Effective 5/16/2016

Due to recent changes in federal banking regulations, the university has been notified by the bank that manages funds for the UCash program (the Central National Bank of Enid, Okla.) that it will no longer support this program beyond the Spring 2016 semester. Upon this notification, the university engaged in an in-depth study to determine the future of the UCash program.

The study revealed that the use of UCash over the last several years has steadily declined annually among faculty, staff and students. In addition, recent student survey results indicated of those students that currently use UCash, 95 percent prefer or are willing to use debit or credit cards in lieu of UCash.

Based on the declining use of UCash on campus, preference or willingness of our faculty, staff and students’ to use credit or debit cards, and the cost implications of managing a UCash program in-house, the university has determined to discontinue the UCash program effective May 16, 2016. Please note that all unspent UCash funds will be returned by the Central National Bank to UCash customers shortly after the close of the program on May 16.

Recognizing the need to have payment alternatives for services that currently accept UCash, the university will establish the following programs:

  1. University Dining: River Hawk dollars and meal points, University Dining managed programs, will continue to be available for purchase. University Dining will continue to accept credit /debit cards and cash.
  2. River Hawk Shop (Bookstore): Accepts credit /debit cards and cash.
  3. Laundry: Beginning May 16, 2016, all washers and dryers in residence halls will accept credit/debit and coins.
  4. Vending: All vending machines accept cash. We are exploring the feasibility of them accepting credit/debit cards with our vending providers.
  5. UPrint: Each semester, every student receives a $15 free print allotment. To support additional print services when print allotment funds are depleted, students can load additional funds with a credit card at
  6. Off-Campus Merchants: Merchants will accept cash and credit/debit cards and students, faculty and staff are encouraged to support the many businesses throughout Lowell. Many merchants provide discounts by simply showing your UCard.

If you have any questions please email our UCAPS office at