This page has been created to give UMass Lowell students accurate information on the new UCard system.

Concerns have been raised about the UCard and the institutions that are administering it for UMass Lowell. We will post complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute information here and on the UMass Lowell UCard, Access and parking Services (UCAPS) Facebook page so you have easy access to the correct answers to your questions. You are invited to post questions and concerns on our Facebook page as well, and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

We are gathering detailed responses to some of the most serious concerns raised, but we want to give you immediate answers now:

Q: Is personal information being sold to a third party?

The University would never have entered into an agreement that allowed this.

Q: How can I avoid the fees?

A: The fee that has been most concerning is the $2.50 fee charged for funds deposited onto the UCard via credit card over the phone and the $1.50 fee charged for funds deposited onto the UCard via credit card online. To avoid this charge, you can:

  • Do an ACH Transfer of funds by entering your checking account number and bank routing number on the website www.onecardgivesback.com/uml.   There is no charge for this service.
  • Do not call the 866-400-8627 number to load money. They can only assist you with credit card loads and you will incur the $4.95 fee.

Q: What about the call center operator fee?

A: To avoid the potential charge of $2 when requesting a call center operator:

  • Only use the 866-678-7538 toll free number to activate your card and to request a change of pin.
  • Use the Heartland/GSB toll free number 866-400-8627 as many times as necessary without charge. This is not an automated phone system and representatives are standing by to help you with any questions.

Q: What about the inactivity fee?

A: A $4.00 inactivity fee for UCards not used within a 4 year (48 month) period can be avoided by purchasing as little as one can of soda from a campus vending machine, doing one load of laundry in the Residence Halls or by using the UCard once at any number of off Campus Vendors that accept the UCard. 

Q: Are UCash and River Hawk dollars the same thing?

A: No. UCash and River Hawk dollars (and points) are not the same thing, and are not interchangeable.

  • River Hawk Dollars (and points) can be spent ONLY on Aramark food services.
  • UCash can be spent at vending machines, laundry machines, bookstore and off-campus vendors who accept the card.
  • Aramark accepts UCash at all locations.

It is our intention to bring the students a great program that makes campus life easier and provide services more in line with our peer institutions.

Please check back often to see additional information on the UMass Lowell UCard.

You can bring your questions to the UCard, Access and Parking Services in the South Campus Dining Hall, or email them to UCAPS@uml.edu.