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Laundry Tracker

Students are able to go online and check the availability of washers and dryers in their building without having to leave their room with a system called WaveVision. Additionally, you can even have a text or e-mail sent to you when your load is done or when a machine is available.

Start using WaveVision today by following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to WaveVision
  2. Create an account by choosing "New User", Zip Code "01854", and Location "UMass Lowell".
  3. Follow the next few prompts to create your account and select your notification settings.
  4. Once you have an account and login, choose the laundry room followed by "Refresh", and you'll be shown the status of each washer and Dryer. A status of “Available” means it’s ready for use, “Running” means it is in use and will show you the time remaining, and “Done” means that the cycle is completed but it hasn’t been emptied yet.
  5. You can get a text or e-mail when your load is done by choosing the “Notify Me” option on all of the machines that apply.

For any issues with WaveVision or any laundry machine, please contact Automatic Laundry at 800-422-5833 or on-line at Automatic Laundry.